Skip hiring is one of the most useful ways to eliminate waste materials. No matter the kind of waste you want to recycle, skip hiring is your best bet. It is operated by professionals, so you can remain assured of proper waste management without any hassle.

Prepare Your Surroundings for Smooth Waste Clearance

However, your duty does not end with contacting the skip hire service. You should prepare your property and take care of a few things so that your skip experience becomes smooth. With a few simple steps, you can ensure a safe and sound waste collection process with the help of a skip.

How to Prepare Your Property for Skip Hire?

Some vital points to prepare your property for skip hire are mentioned in detail in the following section.

  • Be Alert for Hazardous Waste Removal:

    You may have a few hazardous waste materials to remove. Confirm that your skip hire service takes such waste before throwing those out to the skip. A skip waste removal service takes nearly all kinds of waste. However, they provide separate clearance techniques for e-waste or chemical waste. Ensure that you do not put any prohibited material in the skip.


  • Inform Your Neighbours:

    Waste removal through skips is a highly disruptive and elaborate process. It may be a potential cause for disturbance to your neighbours, especially if the roads around your locality are narrow. If you do not want to become an annoying neighbour, you should talk to the next-door residents. Inform them about the delivery date of the skip so that they remain prepared and not get bothered.


  • Keep the Area Clear:

    The skip provider may face some problems placing the skip if there are too many obstacles. You should measure the dimensions of the skip and the width of the roads in your locality. The lorries carrying the skip are generally large and may need at least 3 to 4 metres of vertical height. You should inform the skip hire company if the roads have tangled electrical wires or other obstacles.


These are some useful tricks to remain prepared to remove waste with skips. You can communicate with a professional source for a smooth waste management service. Communicate with Surrey Recycling Services, which is one of the premier waste clearance service providers. They can provide you with metallic skips of different sizes to suit your waste clearance requirements. Visit their website for more details.