Glass is an essential material that we use in our everyday life. From bottles and jars to photo frames, a lot of items are made of it. However, when done with the items, we often forget to responsibly dispose of the waste material.

The Need for Efficient Glass Waste Disposal

Broken shards and used-up bottles are the most common glass waste that you can commonly find. If not packed and processed correctly, these can harm people and the environment. Therefore, it is always crucial to call in a professional waste removal service for a speedy, smooth disposal of this item.

Tips for Responsible Glass Waste Removal

There are a few sustainable ways of eliminating used or broken glass. We discuss them briefly in the following section.

  • Rinse and Clean: Before throwing any glass container, you must rinse and clean it thoroughly. It could contain liquid or food items that can produce a bad smell and attract different types of pests. Additionally, these residues are regarded as impurities that can cause problems in the recycling process. So, if you send it to a recycling unit, ensure to remove the labels and caps of the container.


  • Safely Dispose of Broken Glass: While disposing of broken glass, you must be extra cautious. Shield your hands with high-quality gloves to protect yourself from injury from broken shards. Gather these pieces carefully and place them inside a puncture-resistant container or a cardboard box. Mark this box as ‘broken glass’ to notify the waste removal professionals .


  • Do Not Overfill: If you are disposing of the glass with a skip bin, you should refrain from overfilling it. You might place it with other waste materials, which might break the glass objects due to overflowing. To ensure complete safety, you must cushion the box or the container with bubble wrap or newspapers.


  • Look for the Recycling Symbol: It is a popular concept among people that all glass is recyclable. However, it is far from that claim as you will find a ‘recyclable’ tag on some containers. Look out for this symbol for a responsible recycling process.


These are a few ways to efficiently dispose of glass waste. If you want better assistance handling them, you can contact Surrey Recycling Services. Our company is well known for effecting reliable waste removal service. You can trust us to safely handle glass and other hazardous waste. Contact us today to book our service.