Among all kinds of waste management solutions, skip hiring is the most convenient. It guarantees faster waste treatment without harming the environment. The process also relieves you from the effort to carry the rubbish to the landfill all of your own.

The Need for Hiring a Skip:

As a property owner, you can hire a skip to dispose of various waste materials. It can take away a wide range of items, from household rubbish to hazardous waste. Most homeowners rely on skip hire in Epsom to eliminate green waste, too.

Types of Green Waste You Can Put in a Skip:

If you plan to remodel your garden, you should hire a skip bin to treat the green waste smoothly. Below, you can find a detailed list of the types of green waste you can place in a skip.

  • Mowed Grass and Dead Leaves: These are the most common types of green waste materials that you can put in a skip. Mowed grass and dead leaves are by-products of garden renovation or cleaning tasks. The skip hire service can easily take them to the landfill or a recycling facility. For the effective elimination of these items, you may need a green waste skip bin.
  • Woodchips and Bark: After tree removal, you may be left with a large amount of chipped wood and tree bark. You can easily throw them inside the skip as they are considered light pieces of timber. It is a recyclable and compostable material that eases waste treatment. However, you must distinguish between lighter and heavier pieces of wood and timber. Most service providers do not allow heavy timber waste to be placed in the skips.
  • Branches and Small Twigs: Like bark and woodchips, these are lighter pieces of wood that can be eliminated through skips. All you need is to segregate these pieces from other types of green waste. If you have a large trunk or tree stump, consider cutting it into smaller pieces before placing it in the skip.

As you can see, skips are able to carry different types of green waste for effective management. To hire them from a reliable source, you can contact Surrey Recycling Services. We are a prominent name for skip hire in Epsom offering skip bins of different dimensions. Our team guarantees a prompt response in bringing skips and carrying the accumulated waste reliably. For more details, you can visit our website today.