Property owners come across different types of waste regularly. They require handling the rubbish properly for a clean, hygienic set-up. However, along with the regularly produced waste, sometimes they have to handle heavy-duty materials as rubbish.

Managing the Removal of Old Furniture

When talking about heavy-duty waste, the first thing that comes to mind is old furniture. It comprises one of the largest chunks when talking about domestic waste. Efficient and responsible furniture removal in Surrey is the key to pollution-free waste management.

Choose Your Way of Removing Old Furniture

Whether you have old furniture in your home or office, you must sort out a complete plan for removing the waste. We discuss the available options for furniture removal in the following part.

  • Donate the Furniture: Donation is a good idea if your furniture is in good condition but you no longer need them. You can get in touch with your local Non-governmental organisations and charity homes. It helps you to give something back to the community and play a part in reducing the amount of waste in landfills.


  • Visit the Local Recycling Centre: If you want to dispose of old furniture responsibly, recycling is the key. The recycling centres have facilities for accepting and processing different kinds of waste, including furniture. The professionals in the centre would follow certain techniques that ensure a sustainable removal process.


  • Sell Unwanted Furniture: Along with donating, selling is another option for removing old furniture from your property. It is a great way to help others while earning some extra cash. Look for online and physical marketplaces to grab a good deal.


  • Hire a Skip Bin: Finally, this is the most convenient option when we discuss how to get rid of old furniture. A skip is a metallic waste bin that will be delivered right to your doorstep. You have the flexibility of choosing the skip size and delivery time on your own. You can also customise the skip hire duration based on your furniture removal requirements.

As you can see, these are a few effective ways to remove old furniture from the property. Among all the procedures, you can find that skip hire is the most convenient option. To book it from a reliable source, you can contact Surrey Recycling Services. We offer a wide range of skip booking options for effective furniture removal in Surrey. You can be assured of a sustainable, eco-friendly elimination process with zero environmental effects.