If you’re planning on hiring a skip for an upcoming project, it’s best to be prepared and research the important information in advance. How long can I hire a skip for? Do I need to pay extra for additional time? How much weight can I put in the skip size I am ordering? And is there any preparation I need to ensure the skip doesn’t damage my driveway?

These are just some of the important questions to be asking, and the Surrey skip hire experts have put together the following guide to get you up to speed.

How long can I hire a skip for?

The amount of time that you can hire a skip for will vary depending on the skip hire company you choose. The collection time is flexible and can be arranged either at the time of hire, or whenever you fill the skip up. However, skip hire companies will usually take several days to collect after you have requested, so it’s best to be organised if you need the skip removed by a certain date.

If you need the skip for a longer period of time, then be sure to ask the company when you book. There may be an extra charge for this. Don’t forget to also account for skip permit charges if you are placing the skip on a public road as opposed to private land or a driveway. For more information, find out the skip hire permit requirements for Surrey here.

At Surrey Recyling Services, you can have the skip for up to 2 weeks and when you have finished, we will collect it within 48 hours of you contacting us.

Skip Hire Maximum Weight

How much weight can I put into a skip?

The weight restrictions of skips are important to adhere to, as otherwise, the skip will be too heavy to be removed at the end of the hire period. The rough guide below details the maximum weight that each size skip can account for:

  • 2-yard skip: 2 tonnes
  • 4-yard skip: 4 tonnes
  • 6-yard skip: 6 tonnes
  • 8-yard skip: 8 tonnes
  • 10-yard skip: 8 tonnes
  • 12-yard skip: 8 tonnes

If you are using the skip for household disposal, do not worry about exceeding the maximum weight. It is very unlikely as heavy materials such as soil, sand, bricks, and rubble tend to be disposed of by builders and landscape gardeners.

How to protect your driveway from skip damage

There is a chance that your driveway could be damaged by the skip, especially if made with soft tarmac or block paving. Therefore, research appropriately how to protect your specific driveway in preparation.

One easy solution is to simply place scaffolding planks or big pieces of wood to rest the skip on. If you do this, take into account that the skip will be significantly heavier after it has been filled completely and so the wooden planks must be able to support this weight. If you’re unsure of the best method to protect your driveway, contact your skip provider for more information and advice.

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