Green waste is a form of organic waste perceived to be much less harmful than other inorganic waste materials. However, its organic features do not mean it is non-toxic. Green wastes can cause as much damage to the environment as non biodegradable wastes.

The Issues of Green Waste:

Whether it’s biodegradable or not, littering waste is a big issue. In some counties, it is a punishable offence. When you have a large amount of green waste, especially after spring- cleaning your garden, you should opt for skip hire in Reigate. It is one of the easier ways to get rid of green waste.

Reasons to Dispose of Green Waste via Skip Hire:

Improper disposal of green waste can cause major issues in waste management. The professionals in disposing of waste state many reasons you should hire a skip for managing green waste. These are discussed in detail below.

 Risk of Fire:

A lot of waste materials are classified as green wastes. Some of these are dry leaves, severed branches and wood chippings. These are dry organic rubbish with a potential risk of fire in the neighbourhood. The risk gets doubled during dry seasons like autumn and winter. If you do not want to become the source of a bushfire in your locality, you should place the green wastes in the skip.

 Source of Weeds:

It is common to see homeowners throwing out their garden waste to nearby open spaces. They think that the organic waste will get naturally decomposed with the soil. This statement is partially true. However, your waste may contain uprooted weeds, which may find the necessary nourishment to grow again. As a result, you would have to face additional problems of pests and critters in your home.

 Damages Ecosystem:

When you dispose of green wastes like weeds, you should ensure to call a professional. This is because such harmful organic rubbish can affect your local ecosystem. The weeds can outgrow the other plants in your area and destroy the ecological balance. Apart from weeds, lawn clippings are harmful as well. These may wash down to the nearest water source and affect marine life.

These are the main ways in which organic waste can affect your surroundings and daily life. To dispose of these wastes professionally, you can contact a skip hire in Reigate. Consult a prominent name like Surrey Recycling Services. We can help you properly dispose of all types of waste. For more details, you can visit our website today.