Our complete guide to skip hire in Reigate covers the types and sizes of skips available, the rules regarding skip hire permits, information on waste height, and how you can order your skip in Reigate for the best possible price.

How to Hire a Skip in Reigate

Surrey Recycling Services offer a professional skip hire service in Reigate and the surrounding Surrey area. Our skip hire process is simple, and begins with you contacting our team to provide the details of your order:

  • what size skip you want
  • where you want it
  • the purpose you need it for
  • when you need the skip by

With this information, we can then let you know cheapest price for a skip that is tailored to your needs. Our prices range between £185 and £315 + VAT.

When you are ready to proceed and finalise your order, it’s as easy as completing our online checkout process. We aim to have your skip delivered the following day, or the same day if ordered within a resonable timeframe.

For more information and to receive your free, no obligation quote, contact our team today.


Which type of skip should you hire?

There are two types of skips and a range of sizes that you can hire. The first, a mixed waste skip, is required when you are disposing of anything from builders waste, appliances, furniture, carpet, garden waste, and household rubbish. If you are only disposing of inert waste – waste from demolition and construction work like rubble, sand, soil, and cement – then you will are able to order an inert waste skip. The reason there are these two types of skips is because inert waste does not decompose, and so can be disposed of differently to mixed waste. In general, householders would order a mixed waste skip while building companies would be interested in hiring an inert waste skip.

Inert Waste and Mixed Waste Skips

There are four standard sizes: 4, 6, 8, and 12 yard skips. The size of the skip you will want will depend on the nature of your project and the amount of waste it will generate. Our team will be able to advise the best size for you, but here is our general guideline:

  • 4 yard skip: Equivalent to 25-35 bin bags, this skip size is ideal for small kitchen or bathroom refurbishment projects.
  • 6 yard skip: Equivalent to 40-55 bin bags, this skip is perfect for removing the waste of a medium-sized kitchen or large bathroom.
  • 8 yard skip: Equivalent 60-75 bin bags, this is also known as the ‘builders skip’ as it is best for heavy waste such as concrete, rubble, and soil.
  • 12 yard skip: Equivalent 90-110 bin bags, and commonly used for large refurbishment work or a house clearance. However, this cannot be used for heavy waste material such as soil and brick, because the skip lorry would not be able to carry it away.

Do you need a skip hire license in Reigate?

You will need a skip hire license if you are placing your skip, or other such skip bag, on a public highway. If your skip is being placed on private land, you will not. You can obtain a license on the government website.

It is illegal to put a skip on the pavement, and it is mandatory for safety lights and markings to be placed on or around the skip. This could include reflective markings, traffic cones, and night-time safety lamps. Failing to do so could result in a fine of up to £1000.

How high can you load a skip?

The skip level load

The terms and conditions of your skip hire will specify the the skip level load, which means you should not fill the skip with waste to a point higher than either of its sides. If you exceed this height,  then you risk the skip lorry driver refusing to collect or asking you to remove the extra load before it is taken away. The reason for this is because overloaded skips are extremely dangerous to transport, as there is a risk of waste falling out and causing damage or injury to other people.


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