Skip licenses (or skip permits) are a legal requirement if you intend to hire a skip and place it on a public road. The experts from Surrey Recycling Services have put together the following guide for obtaining skip licenses in Dorking and Surrey.

What is a skip license/permit?

A skip license is the legal documentation that gives you permission to place a skip onto a public road. You can obtain a license on the government website.

Skip licenses are intended to control how many skips are placed on the road, as they take up space and can have a detrimental impact on traffic flow and parking. It is illegal to place a skip on a public road without a license, and you may be liable to a fine of up to £1000. In this instance, the skip can also be removed at any time without your approval.

Once submitted, it usually takes several days for the local council to process your application. This waiting time will be dependent on how busy the council is or the time of the year – some periods are busier than others and may cause a delay in your application.

How long does the license last?

The license usually lasts one or two weeks, depending on the council and the amount of time they have granted. You are usually able to extend past this initial period for an additional fee. If you keep the skip for longer than the timeframe your license permits, then you may face a hefty fine.

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How much does a skip license cost?

The price of a skip hire license will depend on where you are in the UK, but the average cost is £30. If you are hiring a skip with a skip hire company, they will likely add this cost to the overall hire charge.

Surrey Recycling Services operate a premium skip hire service in Dorking and the surrounding Surrey area. Our skip hire prices range between £185 and £315 + VAT. If you are interested, contact our team to obtain a free, no-obligation quote.

Do you need a license if the skip is on your driveway?

There is no requirement for a license if you are placing a skip on private lands, such as your driveway, field, or private road. However, you may still need consent from your landlord or anyone else that you share the driveway with.

What are the rules for skip licenses?

There are numerous rules regarding the skip that you have hired. Failing to comply with these rules will breach the terms of the license and may lead to a fine.

  • Skip size restrictions: the largest size allowed on a public road is an 8-yard skip.
  • At least 4 traffic cones must guard skips on the approach towards it. At night, lamps must be attached to the skip corners and between each cone.
  • You must not leave any waste lying on the road around the skip.
  • The skip must be removed at the end of the license period.

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