Skips are a reliable way of getting rid of accumulated waste. Though these are mostly used by commercial property owners, you can utilise them as a residential property owner too. Waste management by skip hiring encourages a responsible way of waste management and is good for the environment too.

Load Waste In the Skip Carefully

When you book a skip for your waste management needs, you must take care in loading it with rubbish. In a bid to save money for booking a second skip, a large number of users try putting all in the same bin. This is not only unhygienic but illegal as well.

Steps to Avoid an Overloaded Skip

To avoid an overloaded skip, you can follow some of the useful instructions we provide you in the next section. This will encourage you to have a smooth skip hire experience.

  • Never Fill the Skip Above the Rim

    The metallic bins are designed in a unique way to accommodate a limited amount of waste. You can spot rims on the skip, which acts as a boundary. Never try to place waste materials that exceed the top edges. The skip lorry driver may face difficulties transporting the load to a waste management facility.

  • Distribute Weight Evenly

    While filling the skip bin with waste, it is important to maintain balance and stability. Therefore, you should distribute the weight of the waste materials evenly in the bin. This ensures smooth, hassle-free transportation of the rubbish.

  • Know the Weight Limit of the Skip 

    A skip hire company has a specified weight limit that you must follow. You must know this weight limit even before booking the skip. Try not to exceed the weight limit of the skip, as this could be hazardous.

  • Place Waste Materials Effectively 

 Filling the skip bin in a balanced way is the key to avoiding overloading. Start with putting the larger items on the bottom      and smaller ones on the top. You must also put the heavier items on the bottom part of the skip. Fill out any gap to ensure a compact load and maximise the space.

With these steps, you can effectively fill out a skip bin with waste materials. To get help from a reliable source, consult Surrey Recycling Services. We enjoy a positive reputation among a wide range of customers for effective skip hire service. You can eliminate different kinds of waste with our strongly built metallic bins. For more information, you can visit our website today.